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A good idea for small business websites

We’re always looking for interesting ways to start small businesses off online. Invariably budgets are tight and having devised a logo and stationery often the next question is what to do about what can be a daunting online project. We think a great answer can be to use the recent trend of ‘one page’ websites.

Even as recently as a couple of years ago, clients would approach me asking for a website which ‘fits on the page of every laptop’ – but with tablets quickly becoming the norm, especially for business users surfing the web and doing research in offices and airport lounges, longer pages with bigger pictures and the resulting finger-driven scrolling has become not merely a part of life but super-desirable.

That isn’t new news, but devising a small site that has lots of information, and just happens to be one page (plus is fully responsive to work on tablets and smartphones) is a great way of taking advantage of a trend – and a tight budget.



Our latest project of this kind to go live is for garden maintenance company O’Keefe Landscapes. We built them a full website earlier in the year, but have just completed work on a project for their side-business, London Wisteria Co., which maintains wisteria as a speciality for homes throughout the London area. We love the way it contains all the information on a single page with beautiful, ‘stretchy’ photographs (the one above which I took in Italy this summer).



If you think this sort of project might be an ideal launch pad for your business on the web, do drop us a line.

London Wisteria Co. website
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