Finally, it’s Indigo-go-go

It’s always an exciting moment when a long-term project finally ‘happens’ and everyone gets to see it, but it’s even better when it’s a project I really like. That really works and represents the company.

So here goes Indigo Design Associates. They’re an interior design company based just near us in Fulham, owned by husband and wife Colin and Iona. We’ve been working with them on this, on and off, since the end of 2013.


The homepage is below – made up of an image of some distressed, smoky glass much beloved of Colin which quickly makes way for the bulk of the site which is led by the projects page, shown at the top of this post.



The decision to add a Scrapbook section initially struck me as an odd one… then suddenly made sense. The Indigo design studio walls are covered in photos, fabric swatches, notes, tile samples and so on – all the essential toolkit of an interiors project. Being extremely partial of a ‘mood board’ myself, it was a natural progression to show the elements of the design process amid photos of finished work.

More information about this project here