Design in Chelsea

Designed in Chelsea

It’s an exciting moment: we’ve just finished our first ‘designed in Chelsea’ project, for a Chelsea client.

Even better, it’s on the King’s Road, and seen by hundreds of motorists and passers-by every day. This piece of work itself is comparatively small, a sign for our long-time real estate investment client Mansford, but it’s feels like a major achievement in our new neighbourhood. A bonus is that it’s on one of the most beautiful buildings on the Chelsea Design Quarter strip: 600 King’s Road, with the gorgeous ironwork facade and famous clock you can see above, which we’ve drawn as part of the sign.

I’ve always loved it when we’ve been involved in projects everyone can see, whether it has been posters for Oddbins, vehicle branding and exterior hoardings for Roxburgh Construction or warehouse signage for Le Verre Gourmand in the South of France. Seeing our work ‘out in the wild’ gives us all an amazing buzz, even if most people don’t know who was involved.

Designed in Chelsea

Mansford is a client for whom we’ll be doing masses of work in 2015: in addition to this piece of work, there is a project to provide new signage to their offices in the old Burberry building on Haymarket and a completely revamped website we’ve been working on and which is due to be finished this Spring. So this feels like an auspicious beginning for them as a client and indeed 2015 in general.


Why being ‘Designed in Chelsea’ is important to us

This part of Chelsea is interesting to us because within the neighbourhood there are so many traders, designers and manufacturers creating incredible design work for the home. Working with this kind of client has long been one of our core strengths and we’ve got a history of working with clients in the borough, whether it be identity, print or website design for Champagne de Castelnau, interior designer Alidad, antique dealer HRW Antiques, interiors or nightlife impressarios TLC Events.

So it feels great to start the new year with a completely new client in our new home.