Taking Shine online

A year ago, I became involved in the Shine School Media Awards, a great competition for secondary school pupils writing and designing school magazines. This week, I’m really pleased to say, our third big project (after the logo design and layout of the winners’ book) for the competition is finished and live: a new website.


I have talked before about our involvement in the Shine Awards after attending the summer ceremony at Stationers’ Hall in central London last year, which was an inspiring and brilliant event. The Hall was packed with young people from around the country for whom this was a massive deal.

And now, it’s time to do it all again: the awards are accepting entries for this year and hopefully with this new site, will be able to act as online guide for the Class of 2015.



The new site is a bold, friendly site which has been devised chiefly to encourage entries and feel as open and accessible as possible.

In particular the site is modular and mobile-friendly as we imagine many users will be young people reading the information available online using a phone or tablet.

Speaking of that information… the site has to also be an information portal for entrants to read up on such topics as copyright, crediting images properly and what makes a compelling photograph, cartoon and indeed feature article.

shine-ipad2 shine-ipad-1

We’ve had a great time over the past few weeks preparing the new site. It is packed with information, features a fledgling blog as wekl as some great video contributions from past winners – something we hope grows and grows over time.

My next piece of work is to write a few blog entries for them about design… so I’d better stop writing this and get busy!



Our website design work for the Shine School Media Awards

Visit the Shine School Media Awards website