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Graphic design for finance company Mansford

We’ve been lucky over the years to work with some really wonderful clients on an ongoing basis. Over the passing time, trust builds, and I’ve known some unexpected and rather wonderful results ensue from projects born of projects. But I must confess I hadn’t really imagined Mansford being that client. And yet here we are with a fantastic graphic design for finance project.

The design of the identity was completed some five years ago and replaced a previous logo which was based on Greek pillars. As with many finance company logos, sometimes the reasons behind their rather obscure origins are lost in the mists of time. In this case, was someone was reading Vasari or Herodotus on their summer holidays perhaps? Anyway, it was out with the Greek and in with the new, and a rather subtle elegant logo was born.

But, for us, from the vantage point of 2015, that’s really ancient history.

Mansford Real Estate letterhead

Mansford stationery – part of a great graphic design for finance project


How the project began

Mansford had been based in Chelsea, just near South Kensington for many years until their move to the former Burberry building on Haymarket last summer. As we know only too well, a move can give a business a fresh impetus and new purpose and this was certainly the case here.

We had a brief to reimagine all the stationery, as well as considering the signage inside and on the exterior of the new building. The design of the two dovetailed and a chic glass sign is in their foyer, hanging sign on Haymarket, and newly printed embossed and thermographed stationery is in everyday use.

St Albans House Sign

The Mansford offices – part of a great graphic design for finance project


Now, to complete the set of work, we also have a new website which went live this past week.

Mansford Real Estate Website

The Mansford website – a great graphic design for finance project


Web design project

It’s a clear, corporate piece of work which is more image-based than its predecessor.

As with all our sites (but rather unusual in the finance/corporate sector) the new design website is totally responsive, working on every platform.

The structure of the new site focusses visually on key properties where Mansford has done deals in the recent past. To highlight these we have rendered a series of aerial images in black and white and highlighted the specific buildings in an electric blue.

Woolwich Arsenal Estate Profile

The Mansford website – a great graphic design for finance project


Graphic design for finance ensures consistency and a modern brand

This approach of the corporate black/blue has been something that Mansford have now used on the corporate literature and presentations giving it a life in the boardroom as well as online.

It’s ended up being a fantastic end result, with the logo travelling far further than I’d ever imagined. We’ve never had corporate umbrellas before, so from that perspective, as well as nearly every other, it’s a winner.


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