One more sign of Spring: a new website

Spring is here – and nobody knows this better than James Holderness. As a gardener you know when everything is coming into new bloom, but this year, he has managed both a new season and a new website.

We’ve absolutely love designing portfolio websites with big, gorgeous photography: and this is such a lovely example of this.


Website homepage image gallery


A new website for an old friend

We also absolutely love a returning customer: this is the third website we’ve designed for James over the past ten years and by far the most expansive in terms of the volume of work shown. We’re so pleased with how it’s turned out.

Running a small business, it’s important to keep the site up to date in terms of new imagery and projects. But sometimes these come in fits and starts, and occasionally one at a time. So we’ve devised a site where projects with a range of imagery can sit easily alongside those with a full suite.

This sort of approach is particularly important as of course gardens can look different every day, never mind every season, and planting and finish on James’s projects is planned out to work year-round.


Portfolio project section focussing on James’s international work


Swipe-through project image gallery


A responsive web design

Of course the site is also responsive: particularly important for a business where most clients will likely view the site at home on a tablet.

Overall a really satisfying, lovely piece of work which just works really well for a creative consultancy.


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