web design for a business startup

Creative web design for a business startup

We absolutely love working with creative people, so a logically follows that we’d work on creative web design for a business startup when we got our heads together.

It’s even better when they work in a profession we love and admire… but essentially don’t ever get involved in.

There are quite a few examples over the years where we have helped showcase the work of incredibly interesting (sometimes even eccentric!) interior designers, architects and ‘people who make amazing things’ such as bespoke furniture or cabinetry. It’s always an education, always fascinating.

We’ve just wrapped up a lovely project for Nicola Borton, an emerging interior designer who needed a simple, elegant identity and a web presence to establish her business online.


Startup business identity design
A first step was to create a simple logo. This one isn’t particularly complicated but was quite a prolonged process – having chosen one type style originally, once the website was designed it didn’t quite ‘fit’, so we revisited the project and worked up a new style more in keeping with Nicola’s design work.




In April I spent a day with Nicola working on new photography focussing on three key projects in Clapham and Battersea, south London. The idea was to focus on key spaces that really caught the spirit of her design style and showed a breadth of focus. These were then used on two separate galleries on the website.

Web design for a creative business startup
As a new business, Nicola was keen to have a clear modern website, but equally was operating on a budget which required a straightforward approach. The site we proposed was effectively based on one page but had two image galleries, a section about Nicola’s work, a statement by her and a separate page for testimonials.



A couple of questions you may have…

How does a website project work?
I’m often asked how a project of this kind works in terms of process and time. In this case, we submitted designs as jpegs which look like a website and have all the constituent parts, but are a flat image. These we sent to Nicola well ahead of our proposed launch date, for comments and feedback.

Can I manage my own website?
Following agreement of an approach, we build the site on a WordPress platform adapted to our totally custom design. WordPress is ideal for this, as it’s so easy to use and text and imagery can be changed as required on an ongoing basis.


Responsive website design
A key feature of all our websites is that it’s completely responsive to every different platform. It’s a topic I’ve written about here many times before… but it’s worth repeating simply because many small business websites aren’t responsive to their great detriment.

All of our sites are responsive as standard.


Visit the Nicola Borton website


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If this sort of project is of interest to you, get in touch