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Lucky for some: 13 years being a London design agency

This past week we have celebrated our thirteenth birthday… and in a couple of weeks we will mark a year at our new studio space on the King’s Road. No small matter for a small London design agency.

Both these are somewhat minor milestones yet for us feel like significant achievements. I realise everyone focusses on neat, round numbers such as zeroes and fives, but moving felt like something of a ‘reboot’ of the company, and if not starting again, most definitely a fresh perspective.

In that time we’ve done some really interesting work, and the studio has evolved somewhat, not least to include our new boy Rob, and itinerant art director Oliver.

Perhaps it’s an unconventional setup for a London design agency, but then we’ve always thrived on doing things a little differently.

One of the primary things we’ve tried to do this year is to focus more on our ‘puddles of expertise’. Over the years, the projects I’ve consistently enjoyed have been working on many diverse genres of business.

However, during that time we’ve found that because of the way new business comes to us – often by generous clients referring us to their colleagues and collaborators – we’ve developed a series of constant themes.

Industries we really understand and enjoy working with.

Clearly referrals are essential to the wellbeing of any London design agency, but beyond completing individual projects themselves, patterns created by working within specific industries has led to us being able to recognise trends and best practice. This is something that has really interested me.

I’m planning on doing a lot more writing around this topic this Autumn, but have begun with a reflection on our work within wine retail design.

More to follow on this soon, especially concerning the launch of a certain wine shop in Cambridge this past week…

And that feels like an amazing way to kick of our new year!