2016 event design for Friends of Cathedral Music

2016 event design

Over the last few months we have been working with the charity Friends of Cathedral Music on a remarkable endeavour – to hold an event at St Paul’s Cathedral bringing together church choirs from across the UK to take part in a fundraising concert. For us it’s been fantastic to return to a project associated with St Paul’s, a client of since I started the business in 2003. Indeed, this 2016 event design project has been a reminder of another piece of work we did for the Cathedral itself a couple of years ago.

This particular project has been entitled the Diamond Fund for Choristers and has involved creating a distinctive motif for the concert which can travel across the various pieces of promotional collateral – print and online. Needing to include multiple images of choristers from different participating cathedrals, and inspired by the diamond, we devised a graphic device that appears throughout. I must say it looks incredibly distinctive and striking, an ideal, bold answer to a 2016 event design brief.

A major print and online promotional project

In addition to the poster we had created, we also devised two other print pieces, a postcard and leaflet which use the same graphic device albeit with a different layout, which had some 10,000 printed of each to be sent all around the UK. As the event draws closer, we will also be working on special ticket packs for significant donors and a programme booklet.


Postcard for the Diamond Fund: part of this 2016 event design project  

Always a great moment the print delivery for this 2016 event design project  

As well as the print, we also provided a series of image files to the major ticketing companies who were working with the Friends of Cathedral Music, including Ticketmaster. This is a first for us and a really interesting new way of working – direct with the online retailers.

Make an impact with a 2016 event design project

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A 2016 event design brief could include:

  • overall graphic look
  • design of poster, leaflet and other promotional materials
  • online promotions, on your website or mass-market ticketing sites
  • deluxe donor packs, including special invitations, tickets with seat numbering, exclusive reception information
  • gala event programme booklets

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Leaflet for the Diamond Fund: part of this 2016 event design project  


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