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New business startup design: London Base

This Spring we are working on a series of hugely varied business startup design projects. This has long been a favourite kind of project for us… we love helping a fantastic new idea take shape from a visual perspective. Added to which, the reaction from its founders as their business plan becomes a reality from a visual perspective is inevitably worth every penny we get paid. The first such startup project of 2016 to ‘go live’ is London Base. This is a business that manages property portfolios on short let terms, usually via online services such as AirBNB or HomeAway.

The London Base project started at the end of last year when we helped the team with some ideas on name generation. There are many competitor businesses in town, several using variations on the names of the services they are a conduit to. This is fine but London Base needed to be different – its appeal is aimed at a more premium marketplace and helping property owners achieve a sensible return on their investment, while providing best value for visitors to the properties.



We had this idea for the logo of a classic English door knocker… and started looking around at different kinds. In the end, we figured: what could be more definitive of this than the front door of 10 Downing Street? There’s got to be an interesting back-story as to why lions are on so many doors in Britain and one day we will get to the bottom of that. The good news is that we pitched the idea of the lion and for all sorts of reasons it was one the owners really liked. Then came the challenge to actually draw it…


The London Base logo: part of a great business startup project


The crisp black and white design and symmetrical layout feels very satisfying and memorable – we can see all sorts of ways in which this can be rolled out over the coming year.

Already we have completed design work on essential stationery, but in the future the brand could appear on trims and finishes upon arrival: perhaps a welcome calling card, a seal on bathroom towels, or a gift tag on a bottle of bubbly for a returning special guest.



The key platform that the brand appears on is a website which introduces the business.

This site is completely responsive and particularly aimed at tablet users. It includes a photo gallery and a set of smart infographics covering the key offerings.

In essence this is a classic business startup site: it’s a sensible, proportionate investment which will act as a ‘bookmark on the web’. In time the page can be expanded and made into a multi-page website, but this does the job to a tee for now.


The London Base website: part of a great business startup project


The London Base website: part of a great business startup project



We’re ready!

Our company has worked with business startups from our very inception back in 2003 – and we love it. If you’re starting a new business and have big plans but aren’t quite sure where to begin with logos, business cards or a website, give us a call.



The London Base website: part of a great business startup project


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