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‘This one is for a Degas’ … I think that’s when I realised that Bourlet was no ordinary framing company. And so it proved. We’ve spent a few months, off-and-on, working with Bourlet on their new site which finally went live this week. It involved a few trips up to Paddington. Then there was time spent with their photographer figuring out a new way of showing frames they hadn’t tried before (the photograph above is one of the ‘frame ensembles’ we shot especially for the new site). The site also features imagery of a series of pieces of classic art in Bourlet frames to showcase their ‘Basics’ range. All in all, it’s been a bold step into art world web design, but one we’re very glad to have made.


How do you make a gallery of frames?

It’s a new one on us – making the frame the hero of the piece rather than its content. However this quickly became less of a problem given the extraordinary intricacy and beauty of the frames.

These range from the simple to the incredibly ornate, and these particularly distinctive creations are invariably carved to order. From our perspective, we were keen to show the frames as works of art in their own right and as such the backdrop was a soft grey colour which let the colours and textures really sing.


Bourlet’s website, a good example of art world web design

Given the involved nature of the imagery, a minimal site layout was the best approach here, allowing visitors on whatever platform to move through the products and read about the history of the frames.


Bourlet’s website, a good example of art world web design


Delving deep into an amazing history

As a business which has been operating for some 200 years, Bourlet has an extraordinary archive of communications with collectors, artists, galleries, auction houses, nobility and royalty.

Key for us was the need to balance this history with the fact that Bourlet is a thriving, busy company rather than one that was stuck in the past.

However for me the fact that Bourlet has resolved to focus its attention on having a beautiful new website is a pretty bold statement of intent, and one I hope brings them rich dividends in new business and an enhanced reputation.


Bourlet’s website, a good example of art world web design


Bourlet’s website, a good example of art world web design


Not our first excursion into art world web design

As well as working with Bourlet, one of our long-standing clients is Lisa Norris Gallery, just near us on New King’s Road. We worked with Lisa on her launch website and have completed a few tweaks and updates along the way, too. It’s a good example of how a small business can make a good impact online using beautiful visual content and a discreet use of social media.


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