Youth and creativity: at the Shine School Media Awards 2016

Shine School Media Awards 2016

Yesterday I was at Stationers’ Hall in central London for the Shine School Media Awards 2016.

Shine is a programme I have been involved with for three years now, and with each season that passes we seem to get more involved. I thought we were doing pretty well in 2014, our first year, when we rebranded the awards and designed the winners brochure.

Then, I felt pretty good about 2015 where we out-did ourselves by designing the winners book again. And launched a new website in time for 2016 entrants. Plus, somewhat impulsively, we made a film, too. We sewed together a rag-bag selection of bits of video shot on mobile phones and still photos and made a (rather good as it turned out) short film describing the busy exciting awards day for future entrants.



Stationers’ Hall… venue for the Shine School Media Awards 2016



It’s hard to believe but our contribution to this year’s Shine is bigger than either of those, potentially.

As nominees leave they receive the Winners Book listing sponsors, judges, runners up and the lucky entrants who have won a prize. Always enthusiastic to work on a great price of print, we’ve redesigned this book from the ground up with a bold, fantastic new look.

In particular it uses a distinctive typographic theme on the cover and throughout.


The winners’ book for the Shine School Media Awards 2016


And… it’s monochrome and blind embossed, which is the total anthesis of what went before.

For me though, there is a sort of continuity by using the Shine logo symbol in large format, which is what we’ve done over the last two years.

We’ve also kept the overall typographic family, but just totally reinterpreted how it is presented.


The winners’ book for the Shine School Media Awards 2016


This is all very nice, but what’s the big new thing, then?

A brand new film.

Working with Riccardo’s brother Carlo again, we’ve filmed the entire awards day for a short film we will be using to launch the 2017 competition.

I will follow this up with another post about it when the film launches.



Firstly many congratulations to the winners: I was involved in the judging of the Best Design and Layout award which went to the great team at Manchester Grammar School. I was also lucky enough to meet their team beforehand, which was a real pleasure.

Overall the atmosphere was incredible and everyone seemed to have a great time, the atmosphere at the workshops before, over lunch at the awards themselves was fantastic.

Big thanks for the paper and print to Denmaur Papers and Pureprint Group, who have donated time, energy and materials to the project without fee. Plus, we can’t forget Kensett who embossed the logo ‘with an almighty whack’, in their words, on the cover.



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