Solutions Awards 2016 winner

We’re a Solutions Awards 2016 winner!

Call it demure British diffidence, but in the many years running this business I’ve only rarely entered our work for awards. Generally we win new work, complete it, do our level best to ensure our clients are happy and we get paid. That’s quite the triumph in itself. Plus there’s that whole ‘David and Goliath’ thing going on: how could we hope to compete with the big agencies and their massive PR clout? It’s a bit of a shortlist of ‘reasons not to do it’.

But that’s all been turned on its head by – us actually winning an award!

Solutions Awards Logo 2

There it is, at the top of this post: the print industry’s Solutions Award, which we won yesterday at the Café de Paris in central London. We were nominated in two categories for our work on behalf of the Shine School Media Awards Winners Book – and are incredibly thrilled and delighted to have won in the Environment category – sponsored by Xerox UK.



The Shine School Media Awards Winners Book – a Solutions Awards 2016 winner



Shine is a project dear to us because it’s one that we choose to be involved with and where we are the client – in essence we aim to create the best possible piece of work for a sense of pride and excitement about the lack of limitations.

But that said, several key considerations remain really important, and primary among those is sustainability. We always aim to use the most envionmentally-friendly, high-quality stock we can.

Our task was made easy with the involvement of the sponsor of the paper stock, Andy Bruguier and Peter Somerville at Denmaur Papers, who proposed we use their Revive 100 Offset stock.

Revive 100 Offset is certified by the World Land Trust, the FSC and is 100% Carbon Balanced… so all in all a worthy candidate for a project aimed at young people. The added bonus is that with these impeccable environmental credentials, it fulfils key criteria as a Solutions Awards nominee.



The Shine School Media Awards Winners Book – a Solutions Awards 2016 winner



We have to mention a few wonderful people.

Firstly, Alistair Hill and his fantastic team at Pureprint Group – another Shine sponsor – who have been amazing in the managing of our process and delivering the beautiful end product we are so proud of.

Pureprint worked with print-finishing specialists Kensett who completed the book with a super-stylish blind emboss (see above for a close-up). All in all, we have had the most brilliant collaborators.

We also have to thank the wonderful team at Earth Island Publishing – David and Susan – for being so interested and enthusiastic about the Shine Awards this past year.

So with that and the many people who voted for us (we somehow scored 60% of the tally!), I found myself on the stage at the Café de Paris accepting the award from Kevin O’Donnell at Xerox UK. What a fantastic moment.

We were always really pleased with the design and end result of this project. We’ve had great feedback from our team at the Shine Awards, which was reward in itself… but this really takes the biscuit and my team and I are absolutely thrilled.


We are a Solutions Awards 2016 winner! Richard with Kevin O’Donnell from Xerox UK


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