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Political logo design: Policy Connect’s ‘Policy Snap’

It’s always really exciting to get involved in the work of our long-time client Policy Connect – but particularly when it comes to election season. We’ve been through this cycle three times with them over the years – and this time was the most unexpected. In fact the spontaneous nature of this election here in the UK inspired a new approach to coverage – a ‘Policy Snap’. While we are very familiar with branding projects of all kinds of political logo design, this was a new challenge for us – and I’m really rather pleased with the outcome.

Generally our approach to a brand project is to start from a standpoint of simplicity, clarity and distinctiveness. It could be said to be our house style.

However this was rather different from those by virtue of the brief needing to include as many of the colours of different political parties as possible.

I confess I feared a visual clash as significant as their contrasting views.

The Policy Connect website homepage ahead of the 2017 General Election in the UK – showing our new political logo design work

The Policy Connect website ‘Policy Snap’ feature page, ahead of the 2017 General Election in the UK – showing our new political logo design work


However, for whatever reason, this has worked out well. I think it probably helps that it’s a sub brand, or perhaps to find another way of putting it,  the ‘visual theme of a content strand’ – if such a thing exists.

The notion overall of a ‘policy snap’ is that it would highlight specific policy areas with news on each.

The idea is very flexible – and so is our end logo.

My conversations with the team at Policy Connect lead me to think that after the hullaballoo of the General Election has passed the idea of a ‘policy snap’ could be something that they return to, as a way of highlighting specific issues and their views on them.

This is an idea I really think could work well in an era of 140-character messaging and expiring content on apps like Instagram and Snapchat.



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