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Over the years I’ve had some really great experiences working within the hospitality industry – and more specifically, within luxury hotel branding. Interestingly that’s often involved hotels outside the UK rather than here at home. In particular, fantastic experiences doing a photoshoot in northern Italy and a boutique hotel Cape Town come to mind.

Then more recently we’ve been involved working on print projects such as menu systems for the Rosewood Hotel here in London which has been a great experience.

Now however we have a fascinating combination of the two – a London based agency with a client base almost entirely in southern Europe. This lovely project is the branding of an emerging marketing business focussing on luxury hotels.

FBR – a great example of our work in luxury hotel branding


How we helped launch FBR

Last Autumn, Flavia Brutti Righetti approached us about giving her new consultancy a visual look. The idea was to have some business cards and MS Office templates to enable her to travel around (then invoice!) potential customers as the representative of her own smart, modern company.

Our early ideas involving sharp Italian serif typefaces snappily evolved into this rather elegant logo, below.

It’s funny how some of the best ideas come about quickly. No sooner had we shown this idea than we dispatched it to the printer and it was on the back of a card and being handed out in meetings. Now I look at it and wonder how we could come up with something so chic so swiftly. In these cases, necessity is truly the mother of invention.

The new FBR brand – a great example of our work in luxury hotel branding


From new brand to launch website

The FBR website is one that came about in two phases – and in fact the current ‘About’ us page was the entire site for some months while Flavia established her customer base. It’s a great example of how it is possible to establish an online presence gradually, step by step, as your business grows.

In the event the focus of the site is the hotel directory and the long, beautiful pages that are filled with a series of jaw-dropping photos that look as though they’ve burst from the pages of Condé Nast Traveller.

As a side note, this is one bittersweet aspect of working on projects of this kind – getting to work with imagery created by some of the most gifted photographers around and creating a site around that… all the while sitting at a desk in west London in the rain (possibly).

FBR – a great example of our work in luxury hotel branding

FBR – a great example of our work in luxury hotel branding


Find out more

Our work for FBR is a great example of a business launch project – which could be right for your business as it grows. Why not get in touch to discuss how we might be able to work together?

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