More law: best practice web design for solicitors

best practice web design for solicitors

Each time we work with the legal profession it seems that we explore new territory. For instance, our long-time client Freedman+Hilmi required a modern, urban approach reflecting their work in the brisk world of West End real estate. By contrast, our work for California-based practice Rivera Employment Law had a brief for us to embody a more open, laid back feel for the branding and website, related to their approach to individual and corporate rights (and all that sunshine). The latest legal project we’ve completed is for Winter Scott, experts in maritime law. A classic British firm of solicitors, they are a fascinating compliment to the other legal work we’ve done. It’s a tidy project and to my mind sets a standard in terms of planning and creative approach and a great example of best practice web design for solicitors.

Working with lawyers tends to be a detailed and occasionally painstaking process. This can be for any number of reasons but is probably primarily because by nature they are such analytical people. Our legal clients tend to probe every detail of our creative work, keen to understand the reasoning and thought processes behind it. They want logic and preparation – and we are happy to supply it!

Needless to say, that can’t always be the case with every piece of design. It’s hard to rationalise every aspect of the creative work we want to do – because sometimes it just feel right. Gut instinct counts for a lot in our world, which is the opposite of the way law firms work. However with a business website that reasoning can be rather more straightforward, as a good corporate website involves structure, flow and is tailored for its users – then all decisions stem from this. Lawyers get this!

The new Winter Scott website – a good example of best practice web design for solicitors



Our latest legal web design project is for Winter Scott Solicitors. It’s a project I’m really pleased with – and represents the culmination of some months of work.

Winter Scott’s particular specialism involves maritime disaster law, yet for all the occasionally dramatic nature of their work – the phone ringing late at night, sometimes from the other side of the world – by nature they are careful and steadfast. It was important to capture this dichotomy in our new design

Time had caught up with their previous site, a static portal that had remained unchanged for many years. Chief among its problems was a lack of adaptability to different devices – particularly smartphones.

The new design embraces every aspect of modern tech that’s relevant to the practice, while retaining Winter Scott’s branding. In particular the firm have long used Franklin Gothic as their house typeface. This elegant sans serif face is a delight to work with and gives a wonderfully modern feel – ironic for a design that is more than a century old.

As a site overall it does few things radically but that’s beside the point: our new website for the firm represents a quiet revolution. The site discusses Winter Scott’s work in a methodical, unfussy way and features their recent news and considerable achievements. All this amid a clean, responsive design they can edit whenever suits them.

For me, it’s a project which feels like a great fit – the right design for the right firm.


The new Winter Scott website – a good example of best practice web design for solicitors


A selection of the portraits shot for the new Winter Scott website



We’re keen to promote the use of modern web design to law firms in London – and act for them as their first port of call for creative design in brand, print and on the web.

To back this up, we believe our portfolio of work across the legal and financial sectors speaks for itself.

We may have this experience, but our approach is to consider each project as if it’s our first in the sector. Every firm has different specialisms, personalities and clients who may vary wildly in terms of their requirements or approach. It goes back to the core of our business: focus on the end-user first.

As many law firms invest in new sites, they do so with a degree of trepidation, keen to avoid fads and trends. The ultimate goal is a website which will last the distance, is easy to update and presents the firm in the best possible light. In essence that is what I believe the Winter Scott project does well.

This is the essence of our work in law firm web design.


The new Winter Scott website – a good example of best practice web design for solicitors



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