Redesign a consultancy website

Redesign a consultancy website around your core services

One of the unsettling aspects to working over the past months is that while some businesses flatline, others work flat out. For those working of us in a business consultancy, whether in the financial or marketing sector, there’s a further source of uncertainty – these fluctuations are client-led. With that challenge acknowledged, I believe if you’ve proved there’s a gap in the market for what you’re doing and it’s being managed and serviced well, it will grow. But how best to promote and capitalise on hard-won success? Put simply, we’re in the midst of a digital business revolution. If you haven’t paid attention to your online offering, now is the moment to redesign a consultancy website. No question, it’s the best way of exposing growing parts of your business to the marketplace and to build momentum.

In this article I talk about ways to achieve that pace of work, and how we worked with a client of ours to rise to these challenges.

Redesign a consultancy website

The new Algome Consulting blog – featuring news reviews, podcasts and thought leadership, created as part of a project to redesign a consultancy website

Case study: AlgoMe Consulting

In the three years we’ve been working with AlgoMe Consulting, our work has gradually shifted from research and brainstorming to brand evolution and a great corporate website. What’s been satisfying about this latter project in particular is the manner which AlgoMe Consulting have embraced the incremental web design approach I recommend to all my clients. What this essentially means is expanding and upgrading a website in a series of planned stages, based on need, product promotion and budget.

We’ve recently completed a further expansion of AlgoMe Consulting’s site with the introduction of a sophisticated blog. In the time since we launched it, mid-lockdown, this feature has grown steadily with sometimes bi-weekly updates. These have included a variety of think-pieces, their own podcasts and thought leadership article downloads. All these reach a broad audience via the team’s busy LinkedIn accounts – probably today’s most efficient way of reaching a targeted audience with a specific interest in your work.

In particular that last point – audience – is relevant here. Your consultancy inevitably has a strong social or community aspect, with recommendation being central to the business model. Growing that audience is vital. To aid this, one of the key features we’ve just added to AlgoMe’s website is the ability to add downloads, with the request of a subscription to their weekly newsletter. In terms of content creation, this can be an ambitious undertaking but design execution is ultimately a relatively straightforward concept. Even better, for those signing up, it’s entirely transparent.

By taking a long term view and seeing their website as a tool for business growth, AlgoMe Consulting have created interest, engaged with new contacts and built valuable business momentum. Inspiring stuff.


Redesign a consultancy website

The new Algome Consulting blog includes the ability to download longform reports and sign up to their newsletter, a core part of the brief from the firm to redesign a consultancy website

‘Richard Chapman Studio helped us design our maiden website. It was a wonderful, collaborative process from the get-go.

‘Drawing on their experience and insight, Richard and his team guided our entire team through a rigourous, yet highly creative process, with a strong engagement with our Marketing lead.

‘As a result, our website truly captures the ethos and philosophy of our team, and speaks very clearly to our clients.

‘Today, we continue to collaborate with Richard Chapman Studio as our website evolves.’

Pierre-Yves S. Rahari

How we can help to redesign a consultancy website

Whether gradual evolution or a more radical programme of change, we’re always interested in a conversation with clients old and new about the best ways to redesign a consultancy website.

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