Mighty geometry: new brand and web design for litigation funding firm Woodville

Some of our most rewarding design projects are the least expected – and most creative. That’s a case in point with a piece of work we’ve just completed for legal finance specialists Woodville Litigation Funding. Why so creative? At every stage, the team we’ve been working with have chosen the most creative, exciting option we’ve presented and embraced a totally new approach to their business. I’d go so far as to say that it’s one of the most exciting pieces of work we’ve done in recent years, simply because it’s not merely an outstanding new brand and web design for a litigation related business but for any client we’ve ever had, period.

The starting point for our work on Woodville was the idea that their name needed to be clearer. Previously known as ‘Woodville Consultants’, it was felt that was somewhat oblique. The nature of Woodville’s business is that it funds law firms as they are taking on ‘no win, no fee’ work that has a clear route to success. This way the practice can be sure it has working capital and once the claim is settled, Woodville are sure to get their money back. As a result, it was decided to move ahead with the clearer ‘Woodville Litigation Funding’ label.

new brand and web design for litigation
new brand and web design for litigation

Our new brand and web design for litigation funding specialists Woodville

‘Geometry draws the soul towards truth’

As we began the project, various ideas were explored which evolved Woodville’s existing brand. A set of options were presented to the firm that ran the gamut from evolution to revolution. Not knowing where the decision was going to land, we devised a clean set of ideas around the idea of transactions and lending which felt like a safe step forward from where the branding had long been. I have to say it looked good, and at that point I was fairly convinced that was the direction that would be chosen.

With that covered, I was keen to consider a more radical graphic approach to the project. We also started playing around with the idea of mathematical logic and the initials W L F and realised they fit together rather perfectly based on a grid system of curves and boxes. Pretty soon it became clear that these could be pulled together into one conjoining shape (rather than individual letters) and the concept really began to feel like a strong, viable route.

To my surprise and delight, the team at Woodville chose this geometric concept – and the opportunities to work on a really outstanding piece of financial services brand design opened up.

Print layouts for our new brand and web design for litigation funding firm Woodville

‘The human heart likes a little disorder in its geometry’
– Louis de Bernières

Having established an identity, a brand concept and a colour palette, the next step for this new brand and web design for litigation funding specialist Woodville was to apply it to their wide range of client-facing literature.

This is where we began to consider ways in which the design could feel looser and be applied without rules, a key differentiator from our brand and web design work for law firms. The key thing was that the documents looked attractive, were on brand and easy to read. Our design gives multi-page documents a front and back cover, then applies a grid behind the grid, such that the text overlays the branding while remaining legible.

We’ve also applied our design to a set of one-page information sheets standard within the industry and a loan application form which puts simplicity and improved ease of use as its core aims.

Web screens for our new brand and web design for litigation funding firm Woodville

‘Mighty is geometry; joined with art, resistless’
– Euripedes

Putting the new branding for Woodville online provided an irresistible opportunity for our favourite approach to the web today: namely movement. Looking at working once again with our longtime animation collaborator Carlo Teofilo, I pitched Woodville the idea of not merely using the new graphics across the site but letting them live and move as a user moved through the pages. It was a fantastic moment when the team went for the idea, ensuring the site was not merely attractive but crucially, engaging.

In terms of new brand and web design for litigation funding, this end result is a major result. Its approach is absolutely right for the business but at the same time unique in its approach and execution for the industry.

After all, Woodville are not a law firm themselves, so a corporate design isn’t an obligation, yet the geometric design we’ve created works perfectly for a business-to-business company offering a reliable, transparent service.

The end result is a wonderful piece of work that I am both deeply proud of and joyously surprised by. A most unusual sensation.

A page layout for our new brand and web design for litigation funding firm Woodville

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