investing in originality

Investing in originality: the Anamcara Capital story

Sometimes projects go in the most unexpected directions, and it’s invariably these that are the most creatively satisfying. When we were approached by Abu Dhabi-based investment firm Anamcara about reviewing their brand and website, I never imagined it would end up with us commissioning custom illustration from an artist I had admired for many years who works from a studio in Pamplona! But with the project completed and having a chance to reflect, in a sense it’s not really surprising that someone who puts their faith (and money) in new business ideas would be keen on applying the same notions of investing in originality when it came to the layout of their website. And so it has proved…

Back in the summer, Anamcara founder Annelie Ajami approached us to consider a new logo for her fledgling investment firm. Various routes were trialled but a favourite from the start was the one that was chosen – a really charming linking A icon which was inspired by a clipping climbing carabiner. I recall our concept board for the route having rock climbing and aspirational athletes on it, aiming for new heights. Essentially, we enjoyed the idea that Anamcara provides the links and connections that ensure their next generation of business investments are successful and this icon seemed a perfect answer to the brief.

The Anamcara logo, inspired by a climbing carabiner

Shopping, floating and baking

We pursued the concept of rock climbers further in an initial video-based web design route but Annelie fancied something more whimsical, so we began a discussion about what direction might suit the brand instead. Something more local, more charming to counterbalance all the talk of tech and software. To my delight, Annelie really responded to our new pitch of exploring illustration. We suggested a set of hand-drawn pieces that might be based on shops and other everyday retail businesses, basically the kinds of places that would benefit best from her investments’ products and services.

After considering a series of illustrators, Annelie chose Spanish artist Jesús Sotés to work on the project. Jesús’s work embraces elegance, boldness and a touch of the surreal, all of which would ensure the website had a really unusual style, particularly in the tech/software space. The brief here was to consider all of these almost otherworldly elements as we created an imaginary, floating high street of grocery, yoga studio and bakery. In addition, we asked Jesús to create smaller one-off drawings inspired by each of these to appear at different points across the website.

The end result was nothing short of art, counterbalancing business and inspiration; truly ‘investing in originality’ and unlike any project we’ve worked on lately.

Panels, drawings and connections

The trick with this project was how to make best use of the illustrations while ensuring the key message behind the business is clear. I’ve always been drawn to the use of hand-made things on the web. There’s a curious alchemy where something tangible, unusual and beautiful is captured on the screen. It’s rare that people go to that much trouble and as soon as they do, the company that’s been bold enough to ‘go there’ appears intriguing and different. That was very much the intention with this project, making it unusual within our work in the sector.

During the web layout process, we balanced the drawings with a set of coloured panels combined with a choice of typefaces designed to compliment the illustrations and hold them, ensuring the background to Anamcara’s work connected with them in each case. Annelie was intimately involved with these decisions, pairing her Philosophy section with the floating yoga studio, for instance.

As the business grows and its investments and team increase in number, despite its simplicity, the site has the flexibility to grow around its charming and unusual beginnings, continuing with its founding principles of investing in originality.

investing in originality
investing in originality

Investing in originality, from illustration to startups, pays dividends

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