Custom-design fashion website with video for a modern, style-led brand

To fashion or not to fashion? The challenge when designing for a client whose work is constantly evolving is that their website needs not to. It needs to frame what changes and flatter it, but not try and be fashion itself. Realistically a website needs to last probably several years, so we often adopt a classic approach to the design, that can then adapt and hold the visuals of changing fashion seasons. We’ve just launched the website for fashion guru Alessia Nicolini, whose consultancy offers her clients a ‘one-stop’, hands on service, sourcing fashion for every occasion. The end result of around nine months’ work is a custom-design fashion website with video, photography and illustration.

Logo design for Alessia Nicolini's signature fashion consultancy


We first started working with Alessia Nicolini in 2020, devising a brand and launch website for her business. In the first iteration, her styling work and fashion news was at the centre of the site. However, as things have evolved and Alessia has become more well-known, her warm personality and creativity has become a more natural focus. The initial site served its purpose but in the lifetime of a young business, the past three years have been significant: it was time for a rethink.

The conversation with Alessia about a brand refresh began early in 2023. The over-arching concept was this idea of something softer, less visually specific and more focussed on her clients. Inevitably since launching the business and the ways of working and client base having evolved, so the look needed to move with her. It became clear that creating Alessia’s own visuals that defined the look of the business was hugely appealing. So we decided to do lean into that… in several ways… and media.

Original photography shot for the Alessia Nicolini Fashion Consultancy website


If there’s one thing that the fashion world thrives on, is positively starving for, it’s great, stylish imagery. With a website to fill for Alessia we realised we needed our own custom brand photography, and as a priority. The only problem is that we couldn’t quite decide whether this should be impulsive and natural out in the wild… or crisp and distilled, against a white background in the studio. Given this indecision, the only logical conclusion was… to do both.

The first photo session was last summer. The aim was to define a look for the site, and capture an essence of Alessia’s style without being too overtly specific. One of the challenges is that as soon as Alessia shows brand new fashion pieces on her site, her clients clamour for them. Given the bespoke nature of Alessia’s work and how quickly specifics would date, we steered away from this, instead choosing fun, beautiful accessories to shoot alongside fresh summer flowers, a passion of Alessia and her team.

Over two sessions, one outside near her office in Fulham and another at a nearby studio, we created a visual library of shots which captured a wonderful, playful aesthetic. I think it helped that we worked with another Italian, photographer and artist Rea Shilian, who kept the energy levels up as we were shooting. The end results, with Alessia in a series of gorgeous looks, build the distinctive heart of the new site.

Original illustration created for the Alessia Nicolini Fashion Consultancy website


If there’s ever an opportunity to create something totally customised or one-off for our clients, I leap at it. This project for Alessia is such a fantastic blend of media, it was the cherry on the cake to have custom illustration, created in-house by our team, central to the site.

A great example are the classic fashion totems that Alessia loves and her clients desire, around which she adds fresh new choices from new collections. We had this idea of drawing some of these, which we combined with a floral theme that runs through the entire project. For me, these drawings feel like sketches of Alessia’s work, an idea yet rendered somehow, or even a new way of approaching design classics.

The end result combines the moving and still imagery with these charming, cool drawings in a blend that suggests so much of what Alessia does while at the same time offering few visual specifics. The site captures her irresistible energy as well as being whimsical, charming and novel. Being fashion on her own terms.


Custom-design fashion website with video
Custom-design fashion website with video

Custom-design fashion website with video for the Alessia Nicolini Fashion Consultancy website


We love the websites we work on to move and be playful. Yet sometimes professionally shot video can feel rather over-polished or end up distracting altogether from the primary purpose of the site, namely to promote the business. I can’t help feeling that a plugged-in piece of video can sometimes end up drawing all the energy of the website to its focus.

Rather than something documentary-style, we decided to shoot video for Alessia’s site rather in the manner of those loop-style short clips that capture a brief moment and allow a viewer to enjoy that, as many times as they like. As a result they ended up being rather abstract and if it’s possible, even more playful. I was keen that the loops could sit alongside the still shots and not fight with them, creating more of a collage than one being more important than the other.

The end result of each page pairs one of our abstract looping videos with a still shot and creates a vibrant mix of colours, visuals and text. Ideally the overall impression of blending all these elements is that anything is possible. The nature of Alessia’s work is that she tailors every aspect of her sourcing to every client and I like to think that site gives that feel of the thrill of the unknown.

Custom-design fashion website with video
Custom-design fashion website with video

Custom-design fashion website with video for the Alessia Nicolini Fashion Consultancy website

Do you need a custom-design fashion website with video – or any other form of visuals specially created for your business?

Alessia’s website is a fantastic blend of media… and there are so many ways of doing this sort of site that creates an end result that captures the essence of your business in a fresh, original way. Perhaps this sort of approach might suit you? We’d love to talk it over.

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