The Barbican: a gutsy approach to design for campaigns

design for campaigns

The Barbican Estate is an internationally recognised Grade II* listed brutalist masterpiece revered by students (young and old) of the genre and most crucially by its residents.

You wouldn’t think such an icon it would be subject to fundamental structural change – but it seems there are no sacred cows when it comes to London’s built environment in 2019. To local dismay, the City of London School for Girls has announced proposals for a significant expansion within the Barbican Estate.

Supporting a grassroots appeal to debate these plans, we have built a new photography library and created materials for the press to give life to this nascent movement. This has unexpectedly turned into a smart little design project – and a great case study of graphic design for campaigns.


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Take your website to the next level: AlgoMe Consulting

Take your website to the next level

This is very much ‘part two’ of a story. A sequel of sorts.

Last summer we helped launch AlgoMe Consulting as a standalone business from its sister business, a corporate recruitment platform. The business plan was based on the experience the management team already had blended with the contacts amassed building the platform. It was the ideal springboard for a high value management consultancy.

The work we did at the time set a distinctly different tone from their recruitment platform platform, defining the new entity in bold, colourful terms with distinctive imagery.

Now, not even a year on, their next move is similarly eye-catching – an online reboot that is a great example of how to take your website to the next level.

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How much does a website cost?

how much does a website cost

I love it when a project comes out of the blue. The phone rings, someone has a fantastic idea for improving their business and wants us to be a part of it. Such a great moment.

That conversation usually runs in a certain direction – plans for the coming years; growth; new products. Maybe the goal is to expand their network or achieve a very different corporate look.

We do all sorts of design work from identity to print but ultimately nearly every project we work on today involves an online presence. And the question always comes up every time.

So… how much does a website cost?

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Slowly but surely: why incremental web design is the best approach

incremental web design

When I talk to a client about their new website, invariably there are elements of a design project which are unclear. They know what their business does and perhaps the proud history and achievements. Yet, things tend to get a little fuzzier when we discuss what they are going to do in the future.

Perhaps it’s a new product that’s still in development or a feature they want to add to the site (such as a News section) that requires an ongoing member of staff to maintain. Invariably this relatively minor issue tends to hold everything up.

To break the impasse, I usually suggest we hold back and add it later. Because, why not? It has the advantage of streamlining the project, making it more manageable in the short term. Plus, adding in additional features later allows for organic growth. Rather than a compromise, I like to think of this as ‘incremental web design’.

You get the full project, but in a planned, gradual way.

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Happy ending or moral tale? Once upon a branding design project

branding design project

It’s been quite a week – wrapping up one logo project, just beginning the identity for something else.

It’s enjoyable work but by far the most labour-intensive that we do. When either a marketing lead or entrepreneur hire a designer, they usually expect creativity. We’re happy to oblige – it’s just that the end result tends not to be what they expected. Because how could it ever be?

We just aim high and hope the result is a pleasing one.

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ARC Crawley – building a healthcare brand from scratch

Quality of life: that’s what is at the core of our latest project. Our long-standing client Cavendish Care spent the best part of 2018 establishing an Activity Centre for their clientele of Learning Disabled people just outside the centre of Crawley in West Sussex.

Our challenge was to brand it.

The centre is based in a refurbished Tudor cottage (with a large rear extension) that has been totally customised, creating large, gorgeous spaces for every imaginable activity.

Devising an identity for ARC Crawley and rolling it out has been a real pleasure over the last six months – essentially building a healthcare brand from scratch.

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