Embracing creative change, however it arrives

If I’ve learned anything over my years running a design business it’s that what I call ‘creative change’ is essential. In fact, our very business model depends on the evolution and improvement of the our clients’ branding.

This can come in many forms. Perhaps a new staff member has a great marketing idea that needs a clever execution. Something completely new.

Maybe the overall look of a website we’ve worked on for many years needs an overhaul. Being precious about work completed in the past is time wasted when this is an opportunity – the design could be refined and reimagined. Made fresh.

Just recently though, change of a different kind was visited upon me in an unexpected way which inspired this post. After six years, our chief digital designer Riccardo, much beloved of our clients (and me!) decided to take his career in a new direction. So… having absorbed this news and determined not to panic, it begged the question: what next?

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Understanding luxury hotel branding – FBR Consulting

luxury hotel branding

Over the years I’ve had some really great experiences working within the hospitality industry – and more specifically, within luxury hotel branding. Interestingly that’s often involved hotels outside the UK rather than here at home. In particular, fantastic experiences doing a photoshoot in northern Italy and a boutique hotel Cape Town come to mind.

Then more recently we’ve been involved working on print projects such as menu systems for the Rosewood Hotel here in London which has been a great experience.

Now however we have a fascinating combination of the two – a London based agency with a client base almost entirely in southern Europe. This lovely project is the branding of an emerging marketing business focussing on luxury hotels.

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Die cut print adds a perfect finish to Shine 2017

die cut print

High summer in our calendar always means the completion of a project we are particularly fond of – the winners book of the Shine School Media Awards.

It’s our fourth year working on Shine and each time we try and bring a fresh perspective to it – and this year I was really keen to try die cut print… which, as you can see, did indeed happen.

However, I am getting ahead of myself. This endeavour is a true team effort. We give our time to Shine, effectively sponsoring the awards scheme, as do our brilliant collaborators – Denmaur Independent Papers and Pureprint. Once again, they were on board,  so we went for it – and I am really pleased with the end result.

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Political logo design: Policy Connect’s ‘Policy Snap’

political logo design

It’s always really exciting to get involved in the work of our long-time client Policy Connect – but particularly when it comes to election season.

We’ve been through this cycle three times with them over the years – and this time was the most unexpected. In fact the spontaneous nature of this election here in the UK inspired a new approach to coverage – a ‘Policy Snap’.

While we are very familiar with branding projects of all kinds of political logo design, this was a new challenge for us – and I’m really rather pleased with the outcome.

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New interiors web design: Church & Rose

interiors web design

Some of the best projects come about after a slow burn-type build up. So it was with Chuch & Rose, who first approached us to talk about a new look interiors web design for the consultancy back at the very start of 2017. I absolutely adore working on web design for interiors specialists so was immediately intrigued at the project. However the timing wasn’t quite right for them – so we waited a little. I confess that patience is not always one of my strong suits, but in this case it was rewarded and happily the phone rang a few months later with an instruction to begin work.

The lovely thing about Church & Rose’s work – at least from an outsider’s perspective – is that it is centered around comfort. I look at their interiors and immediately feel like I could relax in any of these homes. Quite a skill.

The other facet I am struck by is that, amid a set of British countryside homes on their portfolio, there is this very fresh, modern perspective.

This approach occasionally makes its presence felt in their more traditional ‘country home’-type projects too, something I find fascinating.

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New print design: the RSA Future Work Centre

RSA Future Work Centre

We have a really exciting new print design project that I’ve just published on our portfolio – new work for the Royal Society of Arts: the launch of the RSA Future Work Centre.

Last week I was lucky enough to attend RSA Director Matthew Taylor’s annual lecture in the centre of London. The theme was ‘Good Work For All’ and prepares the ground for the major review of working practices that will be published in June. This has been commissioned by the Government and was even mentioned in the Spring budget by the Chancellor earlier this year.

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