Get me in: secure client login areas for financial services

secure client login areas for financial services

When is a website not just a website? My answer: when it helps you out. I don’t just mean that the site sells something or lets you source information like a train time (though those are both really helpful), but when you can actually retrieve something almost physical that you need.

I mention this because we’ve been thinking recently about the ways in which websites can actually move beyond being just a ‘business portfolio’ and evolve into an interactive, genuinely useful, perhaps even personalised resource.

No doubt there will be many industries for which this idea of a site being genuinely personalised in the future, but in the first instance we’ve been working on a fresh take on secure client login areas for financial services businesses.

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Talking my language! Creating a multi-lingual website

In December we completed six months of work on a new website for ORIS, a classic German manufacturing brand based just outside Stuttgart.

An iconic business trading in bicycle carrier and towbars for more than half a century, the brand had begun to dilute after a series of mergers and buy-outs. Our project was to create a standalone site, bringing this fantastic brand back to the prominence it deserves.

With a Europe-wide audience, the site will eventually appear in many languages, but first up was German and English. So began a fascinating project creating a multi-lingual website.

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Best practice user experience for interior design websites

user experience for interior design websites

Our Creative Director Richard recently sat down with Amy McIntosh, Managing Editor of Furniture, Lighting & Decor. Based in Illinois, the magazine and busy sourcing website for purchase influencers reaches tens of thousands of subscribers.

They discussed best practice around user experience for interior design websites and how designers and specifiers can make the most of the web.

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Nova Pangaea – an inspiring story of British scientific and engineering innovation

scientific engineering innovation

Over the past few months we’ve been working with Nova Pangaea Technologies who have spent the last decade building an extraordinary scientific and engineering innovation – turning everyday organic matter into a range of environmentally-friendly end-products.

We’ve completed two shoots and completed a new website for the enterprise which is based in the UK’s North East. Backed by the UK government’s Northern Powerhouse investment project, Nova Pangaea offers a fascinating and inspiring story of British inventiveness.

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All about ORIS: creating branded photography

creating branded photography

Photographer Andy and I got out of the car and unloaded the equipment. In front of me was a caravan and a selection of cars. A couple of models stood waiting. Our mission: creating branded photography from scratch for our client. The project manager turned to me and said, ‘where do you want to start…?’

It was at that moment, standing in a leafy clearing just outside Heilbronn in southern Germany that I realised, this was serious.

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Legendary German automotive brand ORIS stages an epic creative commercial relaunch

creative commercial relaunch

Over the past six months the team and I have been working on what I’ve come to think as an almost sentimental journey. For sure it’s also been clear-eyed hard work, but there’s something wonderful about seeing a classic brand being given the platform it once always enjoyed.

I’m talking about ORIS, a classic, decades-old southern-German manufacturing name that in recent years had begun to slowly disappear amid a welter of corporate machinations.

We were first offered the chance to consider the brand almost two years ago and it seemed so obvious even then that this business had bags of brand equity, the elusive wonderstuff that design and PR agencies the world over yearn for.

Today, it’s back with nothing less than an epic creative commercial relaunch.

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