New print design: Shine Awards 2015

We’ve been involved in the Shine School Media Awards for around a year and a half now.

Back in January 2014, I met with the chair and lead print sponsor and talked about things we could do for the awards and that led to a logo, print brochure for the award winners and in January this year, a new website.

It’s been a lovely project to be involved with, not least because the team behind the project are so enthusiastic about embracing fresh ideas and keeping as up to date as possible. The entrants are mostly in their mid-teens, so probably about as savvy as you can get in terms of consuming and producing digital media, so it has been a fascinating exercise keeping up with them and finding out how they responded to the event.

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A chance to Shine

While I've been a member of the Worshipful Company of Stationers for many years, I haven't really seized the opportunity to involve myself in their various activities, or seek out a way of contributing to the organisation. Perhaps the 'right thing' hadn't presented itself. Anyway, all that changed in January when I had an email about their annual awards ceremony for young people at school who produce magazines and newspapers, Shine.  It seemed such a natural thing to get involved with. Happily a meeting shortly afterwards with the Shine team went well and we joined the team.

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Gone fishing?

We recently completed work on a lovely piece of print for the International Pole and Line Foundation.

The idea was to promote their fantastic work helping coastal fisheries, chiefly in the Maldives and Indonesia. The organisation offers ways to create better market connections between the fishermen and outlets around the world where their responsibly-fished product can be sold.

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St Paul’s Cathedral Royal Gala

On 7th February 2013, St Paul's Cathedral held a Gala Concert and dinner in the nave of the Cathedral - the first such event of its kind. We were very proud to be involved - designing all the print collateral for this prestigious event.

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