New print design: the RSA Future Work Centre

RSA Future Work Centre

We have a really exciting new print design project that I’ve just published on our portfolio – new work for the Royal Society of Arts: the launch of the RSA Future Work Centre.

Last week I was lucky enough to attend RSA Director Matthew Taylor’s annual lecture in the centre of London. The theme was ‘Good Work For All’ and prepares the ground for the major review of working practices that will be published in June. This has been commissioned by the Government and was even mentioned in the Spring budget by the Chancellor earlier this year.

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New luxury hotel design work for Rosewood London

luxury hotel design

Over the past three months we’ve been working alongside the communications team at Rosewood London, the luxury hotel in the heart of London’s Holborn.

Our work has focussed on the design of a menu system for their elegant cocktail bar and ‘club room’, Scarfes Bar. This week the first part of this work has appeared within and outside the Bar and I’ve been along to photograph the menus in situ.

It’s been a while since we had new luxury hotel design work on our portfolio and it’s a real pleasure to see this project completed.

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Year in review: our best print design of 2016

best print design of 2016

As 2016 draws to a close, we’re looking back over a busy year at some of the work we’re particularly proud of. Here I pick out the projects that make up our ‘best print design of 2016’.

Previously I’ve posted about our favourite websites and brand design projects of the year. This post is looking back at the print design work we’ve completed and the work which is most memorable and successful.

I found it rather hard to choose just one Policy Connect report, so I’ve included the two which book-ended 2016, including the last major print piece of the year which was launched at Portcullis House just two weeks ago.

There’s also something I’m really proud of – our first major award win as an agency for the Shine School Media project. I’ve written a little about that at the end of this post.

We firmly believe people love to hold a physical product – so here’s to lots more print in 2017.

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We’re a Solutions Awards 2016 winner!

Solutions Awards 2016 winner

Call it demure British diffidence, but in the many years running this business I’ve only rarely entered our work for awards.

Generally we win new work, complete it, do our level best to ensure our clients are happy and we get paid. That’s quite the triumph in itself.

Plus there’s that whole ‘David and Goliath’ thing going on: how could we hope to compete with the big agencies and their massive PR clout? It’s a bit of a shortlist of ‘reasons not to do it’.

But that’s all been turned on its head by – us actually winning an award!

There it is, at the top of this post: the print industry’s Solutions Award, which we won yesterday at the Café de Paris in central London.

We were nominated in two categories for our work on behalf of the Shine School Media Awards Winners Book – and are incredibly thrilled and delighted to have won in the Environment category.

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Susan Sandover’s ‘9/36’ book jacket design

susan sandover 9/36

We are used to unusual requests here. But designing the cover of a headline-grabbing autobiography was a new one even for us.

However when author Susan Sandover approached us to design the cover of her memoir ‘9/36’, we had to say yes.

The book is emotional telling of Susan’s life with her Libyan diplomat husband Bashir and their time in north Africa.

As Susan’s first book – and one with such an emotional subject – we wanted to get it right, but also create a visually striking design.

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New work on public policy report design

public policy report design

Over the past few months we’ve completed a series of public policy report design work for our long-time client Policy Connect. These are three of the longest, most involved reports in the genre we’ve ever worked on.

The reports run the gamut on the major themes of conversation across government today – Manufacturing, Sustainability, Data and Higher Education.

This made for an intense period of work, not least because the Manufacturing Commission report ‘Industrial Evolution’ was the longest report projects we’ve ever worked on – and featured a re-work of our layout, grid and typography for the company.

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