Bella Figura Music

With a logo designed by music industry legend Jeremy Plumb for a business helmed by Alexi Cory-Smith, former President of BMG records in the UK, being invited to come on board with Bella Figura Music to expand the brand and build a website was a dream come true.

A ‘music company for the digital age’, Bella Figura have spent much of the past year acquiring an impressive and exciting catalogue of recording and publishing assets. With our job to put this fantastic team online, we used Jeremy’s logo as a creative starting point, then defining typographic styles with faces from modern foundries Colophon and Luzi.

In particular, we built out a series of graphics, and in turn custom animations, based on the twists and turns of the identity. The design is then built on the structure of a subtle background grid, over which we told the story of the company. The end result is striking and remarkable, a fantastic evolution from brand to web.

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