Harrier Partners

Advising companies, management teams, entrepreneurs, family offices, private equity funds and governments, Harrier Partners are a unique financial services consultancy.

The management team at Harrier approached us to relook at every aspect of their brand – and our response was a strong, geometric identity that blends their namesake bird of prey with an almost mathematical sensibility.

Our new website for the company is elegant and minimal – in tune with many private financial services businesses. However it stands apart from the competition with a strong, distinctive use of colour and graphic, extending our geometry metaphor across the pages.

What we did

“We needed a strong brand identity presented in a simple, straightforward way and a website that is elegant, easy to use and low maintenance.

“Richard and his team ‘got it’ from the beginning and presented high quality, original concepts for our logo and website, doing so without an extensive brief.

“We don’t have a marketing or IT department, nor did we have any need for the site to be filled with features or much content, but Richard and his team understood this and approached the task with enthusiasm and professionalism.

“We are delighted with the end result that gives a distinctive visual aesthetic to our business.”

Rupert Hill

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