Horse’s Mouth Media

Our work for London-based video production company startup Horse’s Mouth Media has involved a complete rethink of the way the company is presented to its customer base. The new design positions them as as creative auteurs offering a fresh, creative approach to their clients in the financial and art world.

With a graphic style informed by the graphic language of fanzines, our new branding is a play on both the name of the company and the idea of a film clapperboard. It is combined with a colour palette inspired by the classic ‘green-screen’ chromakey tone synonymous with the media industry, giving a sense of energy and freshness to the company.

The brand has been applied to a new portfolio website showcasing Horse’s Mouth Media’s key offering as well as a showreel of their work which brings it to life with animation. The site includes a set of ten films completed to date, giving a sense of the sharp, fast-moving style which is their hallmark.

What we did

“We much enjoyed working with Richard. He enforces simplicity to heart and leaves you with many creative solutions with explanations to why he chooses the direction he believes in.

“What stands out with Richard’s work is his presentation, eye for detail an organisation which is so important for the ‘modern-day shop window’. He gives you a wealth of creative options and from your choice, aligns them with a sophisticated and clean ‘look’ that stands out from the crowd.

“Would highly recommend his services.”

Oliver Mould

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