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The Joost Outboard is the brainchild of engineer Ollie Jukes. With a novel, yet simple design, the engine has around 70% fewer parts than the competition and is about a third of the weight. It’s going to make a lot of boat-owners very happy.

Our long-time client Longwall Ventures is the sole investor in the business and approached us to create a launch brand and website for Joost.

While the launch product on the website is the Outboard, a wide range of potential applications is being considered for the engine. As such, we didn’t want to stick to a brand design that was too aquatic.

In the end, the idea of the letter ‘J’ which resembled a bird was chosen as an idea which gave voice to the name and lightweight spirit of the engine. This was paired with a yellow and black colour palette which are intended to be seen from a significant distance.

What we did

Joost Engines Logo Design
Joost Engines Stationery Design
Joost Engines Brand Guidelines Design


It’s a tough call to design a website for a product that is currently being trialled. In essence all we had was the drawings and description of a product that was gradually coming to life.

However with the creation of the brand came a set of strong graphic elements which formed the basis of the site. In tandem with that, the striking colours were applied to the renderings of the engine which meant the brand and the Outboard began to feel part of the same family.

The new Joost site we’ve developed has allowed for adaptation and growth as the prototype moves into full manufacture and photographs of its use become available.

This is a great example of how a strong piece of branding can be applied to a website without too much real-world content and allow for the expansion of a startup with one eye on the future.

Joost Engines Web Design 1
Joost Engines Web Design 2
Joost Engines Web Design 3
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