London Wisteria Company

Wisteria maintenance is a niche speciality, but significant: people watch their wisteria grow and grow but never know how or when to prune it.

London Wisteria Company offer a year-round programme of pruning and wiring to ensure the maximum chance of gorgeous flowering – and approached us to create a photo-led website explaining their work.

To market the service, we developed a logo to give the company its own stand-alone feel, which then developed into a stationery and website project. The site recently had an overhaul, including a press section and a feature for owner-manager Chris O’Keefe to set out his stall.

What we did

  • Company logo
  • Website design


London Wisteria Company needed a compact information-based site to act as a web hub for their customers.

We devised a simple, scrolling ‘long page’-style site using large beautiful images and information explaining the Company’s year-round services.

This is a great model of site for a smaller business that needs a web presence that speaks loud to their services but keeps things simple and easy to maintain.

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