Beyt Energy

Best Energy is a new business – supplying British homes which are ‘off-grid’ and supplied by heating oil tanks, which need constantly re-filling – with a new way of monitoring and paying for their oil.

We have developed the brand identity as well as launch stationery, a versatile re-usable series of Powerpoint slides and a one-page website.

Beyt is aimed at families, and while it’s a serious business, anything too corporate would strike the wrong tone.

So we developed a ‘conversational’ logo in a soft typeface with three icons which could then be used to represent different elements of their business proposition.


Because the business model is one that takes more than a few moments to explain, and Beyt were keen to engage investors and new customers, we designed and produced two short videos which animate information graphics we have developed for the company.

Of differing lengths, these two videos essentially tell the story for separate audiences.

We love this style of explaining what a business does: it’s accessible, friendly and gets so much information over in a very short time.


Working with Richard in developing the brand concept for Beyt was a fantastic experience, both from the standpoint of the process as well as in terms of the outcomes. The process of working with Richard was clear and straightforward with a series of design concepts that we followed through on. In terms of the outcome, I ended up selecting the “wild card” design that Richard had suggested, rather than building on the concepts I’d started out with.

His team were professional, efficient, and a delight to work with as we developed the suite of marketing materials that have allowed me to take Beyt to market. And the feedback has been universally positive on the brand and all the materials – particularly the videos.

I look forward to working with Richard and his team as Beyt grows.

Brent Barnette, Managing Director