high tech web design


Our work for BFO is essentially a high tech web design project for a business specialising in building Java APIs for working with PDF documents and Graphs.

If that seems somewhat hard to understand, imagine the challenge of creating a brand around this offering…

After originally devising BFO’s logo some time ago, we have reimagined their overall brand design with a series of brand patterns. The first is a blue swirl which is the primary design that runs throughout the entire site. The others each give a personality to the separate product offerings.

This bold, graphic style has come to be instantly recognisable to BFO’s clients.

What we did

  • Re-brand project
  • Product identity concept
  • Website design
  • Ongoing visual updates
high tech web design
high tech web design
high tech web design
high tech web design
high tech web design

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If you require design work to this kind of exacting, high spec we would be really interested in working with you.

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