The London firm of Bourlet has made the finest frames for over 200 years, to nobility, royalty, auction houses and galleries – as well as all manner of discerning everyday folk too – and remains a notable authority on restoration and craftsmanship in the art world today.

What had not been updated for some of the more recent part of that double century was their website.

Working directly with Gabrielle Rendell, her team at Bourlet and photographer Daniel Brooke, we created a new site for the company focussing on their superb workmanship, huge range of framing options, skill in restoration (of paintings and classic frames) and the extraordinary history of the company.


‘I would very highly recommend Richard and his team.’

‘They take a great deal of trouble to understand the brief; are enthusiastic; creative; positive and energetic and have the commitment and staying power to see the work right through to the very end.’

‘As a result – the website is fabulous.’

Gabrielle Rendell, Director, Bourlet


We’ve also completed an ongoing series of pieces of promotional design, bringing Bourlet to different media beyond our work on their website.

These have an included leaflets for local art galleries, magazine advertising and a new monthly newsletter sent out to their mailing list about recent achievements such as work completed for the National Portrait Gallery.