Cavendish Care

Cavendish Care are one of our longest-standing clients, with a working relationship stretching back some ten years. The company delivers ongoing residential care for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

For 2016, we’ve taken a fresh look at absolutely everything we do for the company, from the top down.

At the beginning of the year we spent a week creating a completely new photographic library, and we’ve redesigned and significantly expanded this healthcare web design brief to be is around twice the size of its predecessor. Additionally, the logo has been redrawn and the typography sharpened up.


This is the third website we’ve designed and developed for Cavendish Care and by far the largest.

The major change in the new site is a large, dedicated section for the Training Centre which the company has established to deliver skills and knowledge to their staff and the wider community of professional care-givers.

The site is airy, photo-led and works on every platform from smartphone, tablet and laptop.


A key part of our 2016 plan for Cavendish Care was creating a significant photo library, not merely for the new website but their wide range of planned future promotional materials.

The new shots are all by photographer Andy Rose who we’ve worked with for many years.

This is Andy’s second time doing a large photo shoot at Cavendish and hopefully not the last – our plan is to return in the summer and get a new suite of shots at all the houses in the gardens.