Fraser Giles Partnership

Fraser Giles Partnership is a bespoke executive search firm based in the heart of Chelsea focussing on the travel, leisure, retail and hospitality sectors.

We were approached to design a new business website, but as the project has progressed, our work for Fraser Giles has involved many aspects of what we do: branding, print, photography/art direction and a completely new website.

The starting point for the branding was to retain the company’s pre-existing brand marque and apply the classic typeface Gill Sans. This subtle update refined the identity and created a fresh approach which informed all our creative decisions.

One of the most creative aspects to the project as been our suggestion of creating a consistent ‘visual aspect’ to the branding. Working with our long-time collaborator, architectural photographer Alistair Nicholls, we have created an extensive library of imagery which can now be used across every aspect of their client touch-points – including presentations and the company e-brochure.

What we did

Fraser Giles logo
Fraser Giles website design 1
Fraser Giles website design 2
Fraser Giles website design 3
Fraser Giles website design 4
Building a bespoke brand photo library

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If you require design work to this kind of exacting, high spec we would be really interested in working with you.

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