Freedmans Law

Freedmans Law is an independent law partnership based right in the heart of retail London. That’s the perfect place to be, as the firm specialises in all aspects real estate transactions, especially commercial and retail property.

The Freedmans Law identity was a pre-existing one which we weren’t involved with (but liked). It was felt the design needed updating, but only very slightly.

In the event we brightened the blue of the sharp, clean FL icon, and introduced fresh typography.

It’s a sound example of how a logo can be changed successfully without losing what makes the company brand identifiable in the first place


The new Freedmans Law website is a total overhaul of their previous design, creating a clean, fresh layout to attract new commercial property clients.

Our new design is totally responsive, working on anything from the huge screens used in major city offices to tablet and a usable scaled-down readable version for Blackberry and iOS.


As part of the homepage design, we were keen to use information graphics to work alongside some key services to emphasise the firm’s strengths. We really enjoy this sort of piece of work – it gives strength and emphasis to the brand and keeps the look of the site fresh and interesting for a user.


‘Richard Chapman Studio made the process of redesigning our website refreshingly smooth and easy – they’re full of ideas, solutions, efficient and a pleasure to deal with’

Danny Freedman, Partner