Fulham Palace

After bidding in a competitive tender in 2011, we were awarded Fulham Palace as a client.

In the time since, we have designed all manner of collateral for the Palace, starting with their brand, which had been designed by Black Sun plc. We redrew the logo based on the original design, then wrote brand guidelines for its use and the design of all their promotional materials.

An early project for the Palace was setting the style for their literature, including information leaflets for visitors, promotions and listings for their events as well as brochures and posters.

For Fulham Palace’s website, we devised a friendly, information website which was easy to use.

One of our favourite elements of the site was a panorama, shot with an iPhone, which appears at the top of the site – shot at the height of summer it captures the Palace at its best.

There’s also a great ‘timeline’ showing the history of the Palace alongside the famous, and infamous, bishops who lived there. These are all accompanied by these renderings of the bishops by Swedish illustrator Kenneth Andersson.