Jamie Aston

Jamie Aston has been a client since 2008 when we first designed their site. Since then we’ve kept on creating new versions of the site as time has passed – this is the third version we’ve designed.

This latest-iteration introduced not only a shop to buy flowers online but a new booking and payment system for the flower school. It’s one of the most ambitious sites we’ve ever created from a design and technical perspective.

Jamie and his team art directed an incredible, eye-catching photoshoot with models and flowers together, and this became the signature visual look overall.

A key component of our design is a long, scrolling homepage with many separate elements. It’s hard to explain or demo this without showing a long visual – so that’s what follows below.

What we did

  • Website design
  • E-commerce build
  • Fully automated booking system


The Jamie Aston website includes all-new photography (of flowers as well as hot models), huge scrolling image galleries, a fantastic, busy blog complete with social media feeds and video throughout.

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