Kinnerton 358

Kinnerton 358 is the consultancy founded by branding guru David Lamb. It’s unusual and rather wonderful name is based on the way his mother used to answer the phone as he was growing up.

We’ve devised an identity, stationery and portfolio website featuring his work, and to act as a background to his career.

The brief was to create a simple, elegant piece of type, but colour turned out to be key to the project… this bold and simple yellow started life as a simple stripe and pretty soon became a fundamental part of the overall look of the consultancy – even acting as the website navigation.

What we did

  • Brand identity
  • Website design
  • Stationery design and printing
Kinnerton 358
Kinnerton 358


The website continues this simple aesthetic alongside beautiful photographs from three key client projects David has undertaken.

In particular, the featured photographs from Tswalu game reserve in the Kalahari add a sensational and dramatic edge to that project page.

Kinnerton 358
Kinnerton 358

Contact us

If you require design work to this kind of exacting, high spec we would be really interested in working with you.

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