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Leyton Legal

We were approached by Leyton UK Partners LLP, the London arm of the large French consulting company Leyton with a brief of a new legal web design project.

The overall intention was to establish themselves as a business with its own structure. After careful discussions with the partners, based in Lincoln’s Inn, London, we resolved on specific brand values reflecting the nature of their work with both Employers and Employees.

This exercise involved carefully defining a distinct look and feel for the UK business whilst respecting the overall Leyton brand ethos.

In particular our work for Leyton Legal, the trading name for the UK firm, involved devising a series of custom illustrations which formed the backbone of our new legal web design.


Leyton is a financial and technical consultancy based in Paris with a long-standing brand heritage. The main identity you see above has been in place some time and with which we had no involvement.

However, we had a challenge: the UK logo had to be different.

Conscious that any sub-branding would instantly be breaking existing guidelines, but guided by a specific brief to do so, we added a simple ‘Legal’ to the logo and used this as the basis for a distinct, fresh look for the new business.

legal web design


The Leyton Legal web design was based on the brief that it should stand out and feel professional, modern and accessible.

The end result is a great-looking website which contains a great deal of information but never feels overwhelming, or the opposite, over-simplistic.

In particular the site has a large News section which features rather witty commentary on the political, legal and economic news and how this might affect their clients.

legal web design
legal web design


“Richard Chapman Studio have created an excellent website for us. Richard was unfailingly enthusiastic, responsive and patient throughout the process.

“We were impressed with the Studio’s creative vision, authority and energy, together with solid technical knowledge. The website effectively communicates our values and the services we offer, and has helped raise our profile.

“We would not hesitate to recommend Richard Chapman Studio.”

Sara Phillips, Partner, Leyton UK Partners LLP

legal web design
legal web design
legal web design