LiNa Energy

The work to create the next wave of high power, small scale, affordable battery technology for devices of all manner of scales is a challenge that inventors have been engaged with for years.

At an outpost within Lancaster University in the north of England, LiNa Energy think they’ve found the answer: sodium. We were intrigued to visit their labs and photograph the work going on there, featured in a new website for the startup business.

As well as designing the site, we’ve also worked on a new logo. With a play on two L-shapes creating a plus symbol, a really good energy startup identity has come into being. We’ve also rolled this new brand out onto investor presentation decks, electronic templates and email signatures.

What we did

“Richard was highly recommended to us, and boy did he and his team not disappoint.

“The process was structured, well communicated, relaxed and very much a team collaboration with Richard expertly driving things forward. Richard is extremely approachable, an excellent listener and, importantly, knows when he needs to put his foot down to get to the next step in the process.

“Richard and his team have a passion for what they do and care deeply about the end result.

“The LiNa team are extremely happy with what Richard and his team delivered and we fully expect our collaboration to go on to bigger and even more exciting things in the future.”

Gene Lewis

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