Live Pura Vida

Live Pura Vida is a lifestyle brand founded by consultant Laura Bolton. We have worked with Laura to create Live Pura Vida from the brand concept to launch and are incredibly excited with the results.

The brand identity is an original, hand-drawn piece of type conceived especially for the project and its feel, colour and tone really sets the stage for all the company’s marketing.

Live Pura Vida is also launched with an expansive, fantastic website. The site covers all manner of topics from general tips and hints for better living to a huge archive of recipes, a friendly blog and full list of the company’s services.

In January 2017, Laura published ‘Eat. Nourish. Thrive’, her first book of recipes, for which we created the page design and overall design look and feel for.


The Live Pura Vida website is an informative resource offering ways of adopting a modern, fresh, healthy lifestyle.

Our website design reflects the cool, informal look of Live Pura Vida using the blues of the branding and expanding the design across a newsy blog and wide range of delicious recipes.