Longwall Ventures

Longwall Ventures invest in innovative start up and early stage businesses in the healthcare, science and engineering sectors.

As such they needed a corporate identity and website which was as aspirational and modern as the companies with whom they work.

We developed a completely new logo design inspired by the beautiful brickwork alongside Longwall Street in Oxford, after which the company was named.


We devised a completely bespoke design for Longwall Ventures’ new website.

Using the new corporate identity, we have developed a series of four overlapping walls inspired by the key staff involved in the business and overlaid these, implying collaboration and a sense of company democracy.

The site outlines company’s background, work and investments and continues to grow – including 2018’s launch of the third Longwall fund.


Creating content for a site like this is key, and avoiding corporate cliché was central to Longwall’s brief to us.

We’ve taken a series of photographs of the partners interacting as a theme for the site, as well as to showcase their profiles on the About page.