MovePlan have been experts in global business ‘change management’ for over thirty years. However this latest change could be their biggest yet – their own.

Over a six month period we reimagined the MovePlan brand around their existing identity, with the end result being a transformation. Working as part of a close-knit team of designer, copywriter and social media expert, we’ve created a curated original library of custom brand photography, a completely new website and internal documentation for presentations, to reimagine their client sales process.

The original photography we shot was the work of a collaboration between our Creative Director Richard and long-time colleague Alistair Nicholls, an expert in the built environment.

The success of the MovePlan rebrand is the work of many moving parts working within a single, bold, creative endeavour and as such represents one of the most exciting projects we’ve ever worked on.

What we did


Having established a ‘MovePlan house photographic style’, we completed four shoots at different London landmarks and other specific professional locations like laboratories and scientific centres.

The wide-ranging set of images we’ve shot run through every aspect of the new branding we’ve created for MovePlan. They immediately inject an energy and dynamism into the website and marketing materials such as internal PowerPoint presentation decks.

All these photographs were shot by Alistair Nicholls and art directed by Richard Chapman.

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