Oxford Investment Consultants

Oxford Investment Consultants conduct research analysis and advisory services on the fascinating next wave of grant-funded scientific development companies emerging from UK universities, in particular Oxford and Cambridge.

We were approached to define a totally new identity for the business, loosely inspired by Ancient Greek letterforms re-styled to adopt the initials of OIC.

This creative work has then been expanded to a set of branded materials and a custom-design website using imagery and video of Oxford.

What we did

  • Brand identity
  • Website design
  • Stationery design and printing
Oxford Investment Consultants Logo Design
Oxford Investment Consultants Stationary Design


Following their FCA authorisation in Spring 2019, the full OIC website went live covering the full scope of their work and investments.

Key features of the site are;

  • a colour-graded video loop on the homepage
  • detailed coverage of their investments, each with its own page
  • secure investor login area for downloads
  • testimonials from business partners
  • background to their entire team
Oxford Investment Consultants Web Design 1
Oxford Investment Consultants Web Design 2
Oxford Investment Consultants Web Design 3

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