Punktuate! London is an ad agency with a brand new take on the agency/client relationship.

As such, they have an identity unlike any other agency, with the feel more of a consumer brand than the beige corporate appearance of many of their competitors.

Having established this bold new look, our project was to translate this to the web, and this simple site with its neon, jarring colours and monospaced typography is the result.

The new site is of course fully responsive, and a particular success is the smartphone version with its candy stripes.

Very chic.


In 2016, Punktuate! launched an online shop selling branded stationery in their trademark neon colours and symbols. These custom-made products included books, tape measures, luggage labels, erasers and bookmarks.

The entire shop works rather neatly using Shopify as an external plugin which customers use as a shopping basket and checkout mechanism, before returning to the Punktuate! website.