Startup business logo design

A startup business logo design is a critically important undertaking. We are often approached by pre-launch or newly-launched companies to work on their brand look. 

It’s a strange thing but for the entrepreneur concerned, having done often huge amounts of work on business plans, product development – or maybe even organising funding or bank loans – the visual look of a business is the moment where everything starts to become real. 

Startup business logo design is also often something that is left to the last minute, or as an afterthought. Avoid a last-minute dash around by preparing carefully and have everything in place well in advance.

Remember, your customers and investors may like hearing about your ideas, but when they see your logo they really take you seriously.

This page covers are a series of projects we’ve created from scratch for startup businesses, along with a brief background to each.

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Live Pura Vida

Live Pura Vida is a new lifestyle brand founded by consultant Laura Bolton. We’ve been working with Laura to devise Live Pura Vida from the brand concept to launch and are incredibly excited with the results.

The brand identity is an original, hand-drawn piece of type conceived especially for the project and its feel, colour and tone really sets the stage for all the company’s marketing that will follow.

Startup business logo design

Earth Market

Earth Market is a pop-up co-operative of the many street food traders operating in and around London today.

We designed this brand identity to give an informal and friendly logo to show the concept of different people and their food working together.


Alpenglow is a phenomenally successful emerging skiing holiday company.

We’ve been involved with this project since the outset – devising every aspect of their launch beginning with the logo design. This distinctive brand, for that is what it needed to be, has been a real hit, appearing on company literature, stickers and apparel.

The major part of the project was the brochure website which is where the company really took off – more information on that is at the link below.

Read more about the Alpenglow logo and web design project

Startup business logo design

The Modern Sensei

Rowan and Mark are two lifestyle gurus and the entrepreneurs behind The Modern Sensei.

They approached us to devise a logo design for their business originally inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. In the event the logo did turn out that way, but not in the way either we or they had imagined… using the square and circle framing the man, but leaving the space in the centre free… for their clients to walk right in.

Startup business logo design

Ammonite Analytics

We created an identity for this technology business which deconstructed the notion of the Ammonite and created an graphic look that ties the name with their brand concept of the ‘golden section’.

Startup business logo design

London Base

London Base is a property management service chiefly aimed at investors who own a portfolio of apartments and studios and let them using online services such as AirBNB or HomeAway.

We created the launch identity for the business inspired by the classic door knockers of London (particularly 10 Downing Street). Our lion is also a sly nod to the South African heritage of the business founder.

Read more about the London Base logo and web design project

Startup business logo design

Emerging Crowd

Emerging Crowd – in their own words – is ‘the UK’s first crowdfunding and investment platform focused on unlisted growth-stage companies in frontier and emerging markets’.

The team approached us to create a new identity which would work across many platforms including as a standalone icon which could potentially appear on a smartphone or tablet.


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