Susan Sandover, Author

9/36‘ is the dramatic and moving memoir of Susan Sandover, who tells the story of her extraordinary life in Libya alongside her diplomat husband Bashir.

Susan approached us in early 2016 with a brief to design a memorable cover design for the book that combined fragments of her past life. These included identification documents, letters from Parliament, passports, business cards and other treasures.

Building a visual story, we backed a collage of these documents with an olive green and overlayed a striking modern typographic motif which has then been spot-varnished.

The book is available at bookstores and online retailers such as Amazon.

“I had a vision but Richard and his team were able to transpose my ideas into an eye-stopping cover for my memoir which has resulted in huge success.

“Their care, patience and always-cheerful support gave me such confidence and resulted in my projected sales targets being met.”

Susan Sandover, Author