The Botanist

The Botanist is a new high-end artisan tea brand.

Their teas are divided into two types. The first are blends familiar to supermarket shoppers (English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green, and so on) albeit with beautiful new twists on these classic flavours.

The second are ‘functional’ blends, aiding digestion, sleep and other health benefits.

Our work for The Botanist evolved their branding to include brighter colours, bold use of type and a fresh, modern style.


We were approached by The Botanist to devise a practical new packaging solution which meant it was far easier to package and deliver their products.

They had proposed a ‘brown envelope’ solution using an off-the-shelf pouch.

Our response was to create a label in bold eye-catching colours and simple, clean graphics as a counter-point to the pouch.


We took a series of photographs for the brand which are used on their website and then proved handy with a series of print pieces we prepared for The Botanist.

For trade fairs and other promotional events in Europe, the Far East and Russia, we designed a cute A6 brochure and product guide.