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Every business needs that magic spark, the initial impression that your investors or next set of shareholders see, even before you’ve begun your pitch. It’s the reason why so many energy companies consider their brand and website design so carefully.

As long-standing energy companies pivot away from traditional sources of income and face the future, it’s never been more important to focus on the real values of your business. ‘Greenwashing’ won’t cut it: our clients keep telling us that values and branding have to shift in tandem.

We find that the audience of our clients varies hugely – though it tends to be within industry. That doesn’t lessen the importance of the brand, if anything it makes the need to stand out from the crowd even more vital. Our mission, whether you’re an energy company amid a programme of business change, or the next startup, working on the future of the industry, is to find originality to give you the edge.

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Energy-focussed family office AtlasInvest in Brussels

At the end of 2019, we were approached by AtlasInvest to re-look at their brand. Following an extensive internal review of their focus and future plans, it had been decided that a modern design more fitting with their business strategy was needed. Their vision was of a firm investing in the energy companies of tomorrow.

Our work focussed initially on retaining the broad theme of a global approach, hinting at Atlas holding up the world (which had been the previous brand design). The board were keen that the brand felt loose, hand-drawn and reflective of not only their broad sweep of investments, but ability to adapt over time.

We completed the entire project during the pandemic lockdown of 2020, working remotely between London and Brussels. This model of remote working is one we can replicate with companies all over the world.

AtlasInvest – an example of best practice energy company branding and website design

‘Featured’ and full-list investments for AtlasInvest

Print and digital stationery templates for AtlasInvest

Future battery technology startup LiNa Energy

How do you showcase a business where the end-product is at concept stage? This was our challenge working with the team at LiNa Energy, a startup which began life as a spinout from the University of Lancaster in the north of England.

Our view was to embrace the evolving nature of the project and visited the LiNa Energy lab, photographing the team at work and taking a more personality-based approach. The scientists are an engaging, charming group, working hard on developing the future of high longevity, cheap battery technology. The end result is very different identity design from a conventional energy company.

Our work covered the design of totally new business branding, commissioning custom photography for use online and during their slide deck presentations, a comprehensive website covering the background to their technology including animation to explain the tech, then new stationery such as business cards and digital letterhead templates.


Brand design for LiNa Energy

LiNa Energy – an example of best practice energy company branding and website design

“Richard was highly recommended to us, and boy did he and his team not disappoint.

“The process was structured, well communicated, relaxed and very much a team collaboration with Richard expertly driving things forward. Richard is extremely approachable, an excellent listener and, importantly, knows when he needs to put his foot down to get to the next step in the process.

“Richard and his team have a passion for what they do and care deeply about the end result.

“The LiNa team are extremely happy with what Richard and his team delivered and we fully expect our collaboration to go on to bigger and even more exciting things in the future.”


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