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Our studio specialises in elegant, corporate branding and websites focussing on the end user and business growth first and foremost. Rarely is this more important than for law firms for whom ‘acting for our client’ is the central tenet of business.

Today we are welcoming a wide range of law firms, Partnerships and Chambers of all different sizes (for projects large and small) to our client base. We have been responsible for a series of London law firm web design projects, with examples of three of our key projects laid out below.

We like to help Managing Partners with practical advice and a strong new approach to legal graphic design and branding covering every aspect of your requirements including MS Office templates in Word and PowerPoint decks.

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Our experience:
Commercial real estate partnership Freedman + Hilmi

Having spent many years working with investment firms, both specifically financial and also in specialisms such as real estate, it seemed a natural progression to work with law firms.

After an introduction from a long-time client, we were invited to pitch for the corporate branding and website for their lawyers, Freedman + Hilmi.

We have completely re-branded the partnership, designing:

  • their corporate identity after a merger
  • a wide-ranging, editable corporate website
  • headshots of Partners and team members
  • design and printing of company stationery
  • in-house Microsoft Office templates for Word and PowerPoint
  • magazine advertising

Fundamentally, the business is built upon a transparent, service-based approach to client management and this was at the essence of our design concept.

‘Richard Chapman Studio made the process of redesigning our branding and website refreshingly smooth and easy – they’re full of ideas, solutions, efficient and a pleasure to deal with’


Freedman Hilmi Web design 1
Freedman Hilmi Web design 2
Freedman Hilmi Web design 3

Our experience:
Californian specialist practice Rivera Employment Law

After seeing a series of the financial and legal identity and web design projects we had completed, Californian employment lawyer Kevin Rivera approached us to consider a branding and web design project for his Santa Monica-based practice, Rivera Employment Law.

Our brief was to consider a modern design which stood apart from the large corporate firms in downtown LA and offered a European aesthetic for his business.

The chosen brand is a modern, sleek piece of typography which has informed the design of the website. Employing a brand pattern, Rivera Employment Law’s online presence uses a bold diagonal over photography of different areas of Los Angeles.

Additionally, the design has been programmed with parallax technology meaning that these brand elements float alongside the content, giving a sense of movement and pace to the site.

‘I had a very particular vision for the branding I wanted for my new legal practice and Richard and his team brought that vision to life.

‘In particular I wanted a website that stayed clear of the outdated, clunky images and graphics of so many law firm sites, and that projected a sleek and modern look that is easy to navigate.

‘Richard understood exactly what I had in mind and delivered a project that is visually appealing and sets my practice apart from the rest.’


Rivera Employment Law Web Design Design 1
Rivera Employment Law Web Design Design 2
Rivera Employment Law Web Design Design 3
Rivera Employment Law Web Design Design 4

Rivera Employment Law’s website: a good example of our law firm web design

Our experience:
Classic British legal practice Winter Scott Solicitors

Completing a trifecta of wildly differing specialisms, Winter Scott Solicitors is the epitome of a formal British legal practice.

Our design work for Winter Scott began some ten years ago when we first acted for the firm on their print and branded promotional material.

Then later, the Managing Partner approached us about looking at the website project which ended up being a clean, elegant statement of intent.

Used to a select group of clients and with an enviable reputation, the intention of this project wasn’t a new business drive but rather to create a smart ‘online calling card’ for the firm

Central to the website from a creative perspective was a fresh set of photos of the team we commissioned for this project. Winter Scott’s employees are a diverse and charming group of people, something that the site seeks to place front and centre.

Custom photography for Winter Scott Solicitors’ website: a good example of our London law firm web design

Looking for a great design partner?

We’d be pleased to help you deliver a law firm branding and web design project. Our creative team can provide your firm with –

  • a distinctive new, or updated business identity
  • a modern website showcasing your business to the world
  • a convincing, clear slide deck to present to partners and clients
  • that all-important business card

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