Holistic corporate design services

Clarity of purpose, singularity of brand design

If you manage your company’s branding, you’ll already know that consistency of design and purposeful messaging is fundamental. But if you’re on message, but off-brand, you need a partner to help: we can do that for you.

The projects from our portfolio that are on this page were commissioned by careful, thoughtful people who realised that good design was central to the future of their business. None of this work was exorbitant in price; much of it even used long-time suppliers such as the printers they were loyal to, or the hosting company who had never let them down. Our goal is to fit into your company’s team, listen to your priorities and help you achieve those goals.

In today’s business climate, good relationships are like gold-dust: corporate puts people first. It’s interesting that each of these projects places custom, newly-shot portraiture front and centre throughout their website, giving warmth and accessibility as well as personal connection.

If you require holistic corporate design services: bespoke, original branding, printed stationery, elegant signage, legible, clear presentation templating and a great, modern website, we’d like to help.

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And remember, it’s us doing the hard work – the process will be straightforward for you and your team.

Baker Steel

Our new identity for fund management firm Baker Steel rethinks their branding and every client touch-point with a loose, soft shape inspired by sculpture, with the idea of seeing the potential of ‘what lies within’ geology.

The design has beautiful visual branding employed across the business with the use of carefully chosen beautiful photographic imagery of mineral slices and precious stone.

Primarily, the new website focusses in detail on each of Baker Steel’s funds (with a secondary-brand design for each we created). Something we’re really pleased with is the integration, with a third party firm, to supply detailed share price information, historical graphs and fund bulletins, which are live-streamed on the site.

The easy-to-read, brochure feel of the site belies its technical complexity, with access to different pages being defined by jurisdiction, professional disclosure and compliance protocols.

Holistic corporate design services
Holistic corporate design services
Holistic corporate design services

Nautica Law

We had acted for the firm that became Nautica Law in 2022 for many years, when to our delight they approached us requiring a total rebrand. New name, new offices, new attitude, new… everything.

With a tight deadline ahead of their move and corporate re-structure, we devised the new logo and website as a priority. Having never seen animation done well on a legal website, we decided to include that as well as abstract video of the sea (given the firm specialises in shipping).

Working with the firm fitting out the office, we supplied artwork for the signage as well as rounding out a top-to-toe re-design with crisp new stationery.

Holistic corporate design services
Holistic corporate design services

Veld Capital

A firm created after a corporate carve-out from a larger business, Veld required a totally independent brand concept that was distinct on every level from its original parent company. That required a major adjustment for the team who decided to embrace the freedom delivered by a total rethink.

Our identity design was inspired by the name of the company – veld being field in Dutch. The identity also had to cover two other parts of the company which are distinct international businesses under the Veld umbrella. Consistency of type and colour alongside the new soft-v brand was then rolled out across the firm.

Our project involved the new website, which launched in two phases as the firm’s team rolled out key services; smart new stationery, stainless-steel laser-cut signage design at their central London offices and a wide ranging Powerpoint template-design project.

Holistic corporate design services

Alpha Insurance Analysts

With a distinctive and striking new identity, this firm of city underwriters agreed to one of the most satisfying branding projects of recent years. Our highly-stylised alpha branding is both the Greek symbol of primacy as well as linking the name and function of the company.

In addition to the brand itself, we completed a photo shoot at the firm’s Leadenhall-district offices and around the Richard Rogers’ iconic Lloyds of London building, being the firm that Alpha exclusively deals.

These custom-shot images mark out the website immediately – avoiding tired, inconsistent stock to give the instant impression of a bright, modern business. In addition to this work we also completed smart stationery, office signage and an expansive website covering every aspect of the firm’s work.

Holistic corporate design services
Holistic corporate design services

Time for a design update?

We’d love to help you realise your business ambitions with holistic corporate design services, including –

  • a distinctive business identity
  • a modern website showcasing your business to the world
  • a convincing, clear slide deck to present to investors and clients
  • that all-important business card

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